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June 19, 2001   
03:30 P.M. ET
  Shares of QLogic look lower Last week set up a potential bearish trade in shares of QLogic, but at that time we were looking for a rally near the $56 level to try and establish a bearish trade and short/put the stock.

02:30 P.M. ET
  Nike Price Objectives Since the markets are just kind of ambling along, I was flipping through some point and figure charts, and stumbled upon Nike.
01:30 P.M. ET
  Dow Industrials remain strongest of market indicators I still feel that the Dow Industrials remain the strongest of the market indexes on a broader scale.

12:30 P.M. ET
  Nvidia in trouble? Shares of Nvidia (NASD:NVDA) are trading lower by $3 today, but more importantly they have broken below some key support.
11:30 A.M. ET
  Software to the rescue Not surprisingly, the Software Index (GSO.X) is the sector of the day, up 5.05%.

10:30 A.M. ET
  Could be the beginning of bullish channel Trying to pick a bottom is always tough and many times traders like to do just that.

09:30 A.M. ET
  NASDAQ has room to 2,105, maybe more This morning's building gains in the futures market should have bullish traders rather aggressive over the short-term as there is some upside to be had in the NASDAQ Composite.

09:00 A.M. ET
  Pre-market explained with one word, "Oracle." This morning's higher stock futures can be explained with one word and that word would be "Oracle."

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